Postsecondary Academics

Colleges supporting ASD adults

I know some adults in their 20's that went to college for a few months or a year, but did not return. They were missing socialization pieces. They also had mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and other issues. Maybe each student with ASD and other needs, could use the following: 1) Have an option to include parents in conversations with counselors and professors 2) Community HUB (educational resource center-maybe a library?)

3) Relationship Building in Communities (community coordinator helps college students connect with local businesses)

4) Training (the entire community needs training; specifically, businesses need to learn about the benefits of employing individuals with differences, including special individuals in town)

5) Safety (see wandering and use identification cards and campus cameras

6) Community companions (when an individual needs support going in the community with a little support to help with social boundaries, safety, social awkwardness, purchasing items at grocery store, banking, getting a haircut, going to the doctor, etc.)

7) Transportation (can the individual learn to use public transportation? Can the individual use Transnet? Private car service? CCTC? Shuttle system? Can the individual get transportation at night or on the weekends?

8) Public Transparency (getting individuals out into the community on a regular basis)--it is not fun to feel isolated in your dorm with no friends--social opportunities for individuals to meet with adults like them and not like them.

9) Training on-site- starting in high school- Vocational Tech schools, Internships, Job training, volunteering, etc.

10) College prep-courses

11) Working independently (job coaches for ongoing support in the work place-for work study and other opportunities on campus.)

12) An RA that helps and understands that living Independently and/or having a roommate may be a new experience----include---- Living Models


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